Opening New Dimensions
in Veterinary diagnostics

The Qalibra CT is a diagnostic imaging modality adapted to the needs of equine veterinary medicine. The patented system allows the CT to be adjusted in height according to the size of the horse and to be moved horizontally over the patient during the scan. Thus, patients do not have to be moved during the examination but can stand in the examination room without constraint.

The patients may be examined under either general anesthesia or under light sedation. Examinations of the head, the cervical spine and the distal limbs to the radial and tibial bone can be acquired while the horse is standing.

The advantages of the Qalibra CT at a glance

Possible applications

Our CT systems are adapted to the anatomy and behavior of our patients. Both horses and small animals can be examined without the previously required general anesthesia. And if necessary, within a fraction of a second (16 cm in 0.28 seconds, Qalibra One-CT, University Gent, Belgium)

In horses, the limbs, head and neck can be examined without general anesthesia. In general anesthesia, large regions such as the back and hips can for the first time be visualized by computer tomography.


State-of-art spiral computed tomography - No compromises in images quality. The gantry opening is 90cm and provides the worldwide largest real field-of-view (70/90cm). The fan-beam CT system produces images with fully isotropic voxel (0.3mm) with the thinnest slices at 500 microns (0.5 mm). It offers over 80 algorithms for optimal image quality for both fine and very voluminous anatomical regions.

The systems includes the latest „iterative dose reconstruction software“, AIDR 3D, which removes up to 75% of image noise and Canons metal artifact reduction SEMAR.


No restrictive examination stand is required. The horse can be positioned freely in front of the CT without constraint.

Radiation protection: All examinations can be performed without staff in the room.

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