Technical Equipment


Sliding Gantry CT-System

The horizontal movement of the platform is directly controlled by the CT system, which ensures perfect synchronization and image quality.


The unique setup enables a high-adjustable and horizontally movable platform to be connected to a high-end human CT system. Maximum stability is gained by the use of a vibration free spindle drive.

To veterinary needs adapted system

It enables examination of head, neck and distal limb in the standing horse without needing to move the patient. In general anesthesia scans of the thoracic vertebra, the stifle, back and hip are finally possible


Standard Bore 70cm

SEMAR, iterative reconstruction technique to reduce metallic artifact, improving visualization of implants, supporting bone and the adjacent soft tissues for a clearer and more confident diagnosis.

Midsize Bore 78cm

AIDR 3D, Adaptive Iterative Dose Reduction, is designed to lower radiation dose and maximize image quality.

Large Bore 90cm

With a reconstruction of up to 22 images per second, 0.5 mm images are available almost immediately after acquisition. Double Slice with coneXact™ doubles the number of slices to 32 per detector-row-acquisition without increasing radiation

Large Bore Supreme 90cm

alle Applikationen in maximaler Geschwindigkeit, mit neusten Softwareoptionen z.B. zur Darstellung von Knochenödem, 160 Schichten sorgen für hohe Geschwindigkeit, Dual Energy Aufnahmen

Volume CT 78cm

Kleintier ohne Allgemeinanästhesie, 640 Schichten: ein CT so schnell wie ein Rx-Bild, kompletter Scan in 0,3 Sekunden

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